The Journey of Trance Mediumship 

Learn how to tap into the egoless energy of Trance Mediumship and connect with Spirit through your mind, body, and soul in a deep and meaningful way

We start April 4th, 2024

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Psychic Mediumship and Yogic Soul Development 

The Heart of Emerald Bay Yoga Retreat  

refreshing oasis for your heart and Soul

March 17th-24th, 2024

7-nights - 2 nights in Kuala Lumpur and 5 nights at the Pangkor Laut Private Island Resort, Malaysia

Guided by yogini and certified Medium, Gurdeep Bhogal

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Welcome, to Parinama Transformative Healing Arts, a sacred container of Shakti embodied support in Mediumship, and Yogic Soul Development in the heart of Marblehead, Massachusetts.

We help guide the way towards understanding the true nature of Bieng, led by the heart, Soul, and Shakti.

The journey in developing your innate spiritual gifts of Mediumship, Intuition, and Psychic abilities starts here. 

Explore the many ways our offerings and classes can provide a safe and supportive container for your Soul's evolution and spiritual development. From Mediumship, to Trance Mediumship classes, and Reiki Classes to individual 1:1 sessions of Mediumship readings, Trance Healing Sessions, Reiki Sessions, and Spiritual guidance, we're here for your spiritual unfoldment.

You're invited to step into what really makes your heart sing and expand your soul self.

Because now is the time. 

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Upcoming Classes & Events


Mediumship Classes

Tap into your innate spiritual gifts of mediumship, intuition, and psychic abilities. Our classes range in all development levels and give you the confidence and understanding to connect with Spirit.

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Trance Mediumship Classes

Learn how to open up your connection to Spirit and blend your egoless energy with Spirit through Trance Mediumship. 

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Usui Reiki Classes

Reiki is an ancient Japanese gentle yet incredibly effective hands on healing modality. Learn this lineage of Reiki and raise your vibration of healing for yourself and others if you choose.

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Explore upcoming events in the North Shore and South Shore of Massachusetts to experience a Shakti Trance Gathering, Sacred Mediumship Circle, dive into Yogic studies, and more!

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Yoga Classes and Workshops

Experience yoga through asana, mantra, mudra, meditation, and more. Our classes are for all levels and every body!

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NAMASTE, I'm Gurdeep, thank you for being here. 

From humble roots to a Soul led and Shakti embodiment teacher, Mediumship, and Trance Mediumship guide of the Psychic Arts I understand how to create space for people to develop life-enhancing Yogic practices and open up their awareness of the mystical nature of Being.

I teach empaths, healers, mediums, and intuitives just like you how to open up to ‘Prathibha’ (Intuitive awareness) and grow your Intuitive and Mediumistic abilities so you can easily know what talents and passions you wish to express throughout your lives.

By creating a safe and grounded container of Yogic Practices / Ancient Spiritual technologies, I'll guide you in learning how to live from a place of wholeness, peace, and empowerment.

For those interested in starting or deepening their Yoga Practice, I honor the authentic roots of Yoga and teach, with equal and deep emphasis, all aspects of Yoga informed by my cultural DNA and the guidance of Shakti.

I'm honored to have you as part of our community  and look forward to co-creating a Divine and thriving spiritual journey. 

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Want to learn how to connect with your true self and how to move into altered states of consciousness? In this recent episode of "Psychic Matters", Gurdeep sits down with Ann Théato, International Psychic Medium and Spiritual Tutor, in the studio to share her incredible knowledge on where ancient yogic wisdom meets modern mediumship. 

When working with clients, Gurdeep uses a trance mediumistic connection, and as she blends her energy, with the energy of her spirit team and deity energies, she uses ancient Indian Yogic Mudras, or hand gestures, and works with her client’s energy centres to bring about balance on many levels. 

It’s a deep, deep healing modality and we just know you are going to learn so much by listening to this episode.

Gurdeep is a kind, wise, super intuitive and authentic healer, reader and medium. She is absolutely the real deal, and so down-to-earth, flowing with warmth, positive energy and gentle guidance. She is also incredibly accurate in her readings, and connections with the spirit world, with deceased loved ones and other messages that are spot-on for the sitter. I am so appreciative to know her and to be her student as well. She is a fabulous teacher - so encouraging of her students and making space for each person to find their own particular way.


Michelle G.


Get ready to connect with the divine essence of Lakshmi and all the abundance she offers.