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Atma Shakti Pathway

Chakra Shakti Pathway

Puja Shakti Pathway


Atma Shakti Mini Pathway

This two-class mini-pathway creates a Soul-led foundation for Shakti-empowered living and a Mystical foundation for Mediumship. The Atma is the Soul; the eternal Essence of Being. Yantra is the sacred geometric Form of the Divine. The Sacred Geometric Form of the Divine, the Yantra, can create a whole understanding of the True nature of Being.

Upon completion of this pathway, the practitioner will know how to use the Yantra as a powerful philosophical and Meditative tool in Yoga & Mediumship practice. Practitioners will create a sturdy spiritual foundation of living Soul-awareness and meditative practice, from which to grow their Mediumship and Yoga Practice.

Atma - Sacred Soul  Practice 

‘Atma’ – Sacred Soul Practice, is all about connecting with the Soul in a non-conceptual way using Tantric-based meditation techniques. In this 90-minute online workshop, we explore and grow our relationship with our essence (the Soul) enabling a deeper understanding of Being.

The Soul Practice invites opening the awareness to Consciousness. Explore the relationship between the Soul and the Infinite Awareness through practice, and enable the presence of the Soul to become more pervasive. When one lives through the Soul, the barriers to compassion and connection melt away.

Starts Thursday, October 20th, 2022

Yantra - Sacred Geometry Practice 

  ‘Yantra’ – The Sacred Geometry Practice, teaches us about the Sacred Geometrical forms of the Deities and how to meditate with them. In this 90-minute workshop, we'll unpack, at a foundational level, the structure of Yantra. Learn how as a Microcosm of the Macrocosm of everything in existence of Shakti, Yantra can assist in understanding the nature of Being.

Yantra can become an integral Spiritual Practice / Devotional and healing tool.  Yantra shines a Yogic lens on the Spiritual Technology of Psychic and Intuitive Mediumship, explaining the process of evolution and involution as Mediums blend with the Spirit in different dimensional spaces.

Starts Thursday, October 27th, 2022


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Chakra Shakti Mini Pathway

This three-class mini-pathway teaches aspiring Intuitive, Medium, and Yoga practitioners about the various elements of the subtle-body. Chakras are the important energy intersections within the subtle body. Mudras are Yogic hand gestures that enable the practitioner to activate the flow of Prana, vital energy within the body. Asana Shakti Flow enables the practitioner somatic awarness, strength, and well-being of the Physical layer of the Being.  

Practitioners will learn how to activate and work with the various chakras, as well as learning about the science and practice of Mudra. Working intentionally with Chakras and Mudras on a regular basis helps to improve the flow of Prana; this enhances the subtle senses. Strengthen and honor your mediumistic tool- the Body.

Chakra - Sacred Subtle Body Practice

‘Chakra’ – The Subtle Body Practice, helps us to understand and grow awareness of the subtle body from an authentic Yogic Lens. This 90-minute workshop teaches us about the importance of the elements which make up the material Universe.

Through practicing the Beej Mantras (seed sounds) of the elements in experiential practice, an important tool for Spiritual growth is added to the  Spiritual toolkit. Grow your awareness of the multi-dimensional aspects of the Self and understand the Spiritual technology behind Mediumship.

Starts Thursday, November 3rd, 2022















Mudra - Sacred Yogic Seal Practice 

 ‘Mudra’ – Sacred Yogic Seal Practice, reveals the magical medicine in your hands.

Mudras are also known as Yogic ‘seals’, or hand gestures. The Spiritual technology of Mudras, has been used for hundreds and possibly thousands of years originating in the Yogic Schools of India. The hands are made into specific shapes using the fingers and palms. Mudras work by directing ‘Prana’ life-force or vital energy, through the nadis (network of channels), to various parts of the body, subtle body, energy centers and the brain.

In this 90-minute workshop, we explore how the energy of the 5 elements, Fire, Air, Ether, Earth, and Water connects through the fingers to the subtle body to achieve well-being. Mudra practice is a self-care tool to easily re-balance the subtle body, especially for Intuitives and Mediums. Learn how Shakti / Spirit utilizes Mudra as a tool for healing.

Starts Thursday, November 10th, 2022








Asana - Shakti Mudra Movement Flow 

Shakti Mudra Flow Movement Practice, was born out of the spontaneous movements and Mudras which began to manifest on my mat in my personal practice. As I became more open to Shakti / Spirit / The Goddess through my Trance Mediumship development and practice, Shakti began to show up outside of the designated gatherings.

As she appeared on my mat, within my body, I began to record the movements and Mudras, as they flowed spontaneously. My contemplation and practice of this phenomena, led me to understand that as we open up to Shakti, she merges with us and teaches us how to become and remain balanced, to be able to process and integrate our emotions and experiences. One way to do this is through Shakti Mudra Flow. 

This practice helps us to increase somatic awareness, strength, and well-being of the physical layer of the Being and from an Intuitive & Mediumistic perspective helps to strengthen and honor your Mediumistic Tool – the body. 

Increasing somatic awareness helps to enhance clairsentience and claircognizance.

Learn a foundational balancing flow that will be a lifelong ally in your Yogic or Mediumistic Practice.

 Starts Thursday, November 17th, 2022


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Puja Shakti Mini Pathway

This two-class mini-pathway builds a devotional practice that builds connection with Shakti, and activates the Inner Mystic, cultivating discipline and Sonic awareness. Puja is devotional practice; enabling practitioners to create a regular ritual connecting with the Divine.

Mantra is the Sonic Form of the Divine which activates the qualities of the various deities within the practitioner. Cultivating the powerful ancient Spiritual technologies of Mantra and Puja, awakens the Shakti within. When the force of Shakti becomes alive within the practitioner, they can surrender more deeply to Spirit.

Puja - Sacred Altar Practice

 ‘Puja’ – Sacred Altar Practice, gives us permission to tear away from the sterility of patriarchal living, and to connect with the beauty of Shakti. In this 90-minute workshop, we'll be exploring how to honor the Divine in everything. Create your own Altar and learn a simple yet effective regular devotional practice.

Ritual helps us to honor the richness of existence and the Divine nature of everything. Devotional practice enhances gratitude and gives us an opportunity to experience loving discipline.  Creating a regular ritual practice sets up sacred space for Mediumship as well as enhances our everyday lives with the remembrance of the depth and beauty of life. 

Starts Thursday, November 17th, 2022

Mantra -Sacred Sonic Practice 

 ‘Mantra’ – This Sacred Sonic Practice, gifts us the power of invoking the Divinity within using Mantra / Sonic vibration. When practiced with diligence and reverence, Mantra opens us up to the living energy which is Shakti / Spirit. Everything in existence is a pulsation on the Divine. In this 90-minute workshop, we'll learn how to connect with the heart center, and practice specific Mantras to invite, invoke and recognize Divinity within.

Regular Mantra practice balances and enhances connection with the subtle body and Soul. Mantra practice can also activate Shakti to become tangible living energy within the body.

Starts Monday, November 21st, 2022



One Time Payment (Save $10!)



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