De-mystifying Trance Mediumship

healing mediumship trance Feb 16, 2023

Trance Mediumship often connotes great mystery and otherworldliness, most people are unsure of what it truly is. As a practicing Trance Medium, I’m here to clarify the enigma of Trance, and share its manifold benefits. Let’s demystify Trance Mediumship.

Trance Mediumship happens in deep altered states of consciousness. As humans, we all experience different states of consciousness all the time. When we are awake and active, we call this the waking state of consciousness, when we are daydreaming, our attention moves away from the fully active state and we find ourselves mildly hypnotized and experience imagery or feelings and sensations not connected to our immediate outwardly experience. When we watch television or listen to music, our focus drifts away from our immediate environment and our thoughts, instead becoming captivated by the imagery or sound.

Different forms of meditation help us to consciously change our state of awareness and focus inward, stilling the mind, and connecting us with the subtle body and soul.

Stilling the mind through ‘Sitting in the Power’ or the many different techniques of meditation, is key to developing and deepening Mediumistic ability.

Restorative Yoga is another practice which can be utilized, to move into an altered state of awareness,
letting go of physical effort so that the body can restore and repair. When we drift off to sleep, we move from waking to degrees of soporific states until we go into the dream states and deep sleep.  Anyone can alter their state of consciousness using the breath and or other tools like music or chanting.

Trance in all of its varying degrees, has been used by humans for millennia by indigenous shaman, healers, seers and priestesses to fulfil valid personal and societal needs. Humans perhaps have a deep need to alter their consciousness, in an intentional way in order to connect to something greater than the individual self: the Infinite Spirit. Throughout history, poets, artists, writers and scientists alike used and continue to use altered states and slipping into natural Trance states, for creative practice and scientific breakthroughs.

‘The traverse of the inner space is far richer than we often dream. There are great traverses whose destination is home.’ Joshua Michael Schrei

The varying degrees of trance states can help a trained and practiced medium, over time, to become more attuned to their own soul / spirit essence and also, to begin to recognize / blend deeper with / commune with the many forms of Infinite Spirit
: these might appear to us as Spirit beings who work with us to guide us and to assist us in our spiritual unfoldment, specific Spirit personalities or on occasion, Spirit loved ones. The medium can then bring forward / channel energy and information from parts
the full field of all being and awareness which might not be readily accessible in the normal waking state.

In my personal Trance Practice, the Spirit or Shakti – the dynamic force of all creation (experienced as Deity vibration and aspects of Deity forms) moves my body into various Mudras and uses the hands, arms and head to direct Prana in the recipient.  Spirit brings forth intensified healing and re-balancing energy, helping a recipient to activate their own body’s ability to heal itself as well as opening up any blocks in the subtle body. The Spirit also speaks through my voice, bringing forward  knowledge and wisdom,  answering the deeper philosophical questions about life and consciousness, as well as answering personal questions the recipients might have about their spiritual unfoldment.

Developing Trance Mediumship for me, took many years of sitting in Trance, learning safe techniques to move into and out of varying Trance states, and practicing meditation as well as grounding yoga asana, on a regular basis. I took the opportunity to learn from the finest teachers of Trance Mediumship (experienced practicing Trance Mediums), and I dedicated time and effort to practicing. One of the many things that I learned, was that Spirit / Shakti will work within whatever your comfort Zone is and your development will have a unique pace and expression. Just as each one of us is a unique expression of the Infinite Spirit, in form, so is our Mediumship unique.


In our Trance Mediumship, we may be influenced by our cultural conditioning, background and beliefs. But it is also true to say that there are many curious commonalities expressed by diverse Mediums in Trance. These common experiences have been experienced throughout the ages, they have the quality of universality, and speak to our common Source or Origin within One Consciousness. Through learning and practicing Trance Mediumship, I understand how the Ancients received wisdom directly from the Spirit. The wisdom received in this way is invaluable; the remembering which occurs in Trance states, reminds humans to live harmoniously with nature, to live wholly, with compassion and as a complete and Infinite Being.

Trance Mediumship has many diverse and beautiful manifestations and expressions all of which help us to understand the absolute magnificence of creation, of consciousness and all life. All of the various expressions of Trance Mediumship can be transformative in some way for the Medium as well as the recipients. Once experienced, people may notice a gentle or more overt opening up of the heart, mind and subtle body, which enables one to feel and experience the true nature of Being.

Here is some wisdom received through Trance Mediumship at a recent Trance Shakti Gathering (please allow yourself to contemplate and absorb the energy of the words, and notice how they make you feel):

"True wealth and abundance is something to be found within.  True wealth and abundance is Love, and it is that which is the substance of all beings. So if any time there is ever a doubt, as to what you deserve or what you are capable of receiving, you may let it go, for true abundance is Infinite love, and within one tiny drop of it is everything. So never doubt that it is possible for you to experience abundance. Receive abundance in all areas of life.  Never doubt Infinite Love.  The very stuff of being is Infinite, and all one needs to do is to call in that abundance through the vibration of the heart.  Everything is contained within Love. You are it, feel it. Nothing, No-thing is outside Love. Each and every one is treasured and loved completely.  No one is outside of love.  It is impossible. You are Love.”

As we move through this unstable and divisive late capitalistic age, remembering and returning to connection with Source is vital to redress the imbalance in our world.

The exploration of and development of Trance Mediumship offers a great opportunity, not only to expand our understanding of life and the Universe, but also to apply what we learn to our every-day lives, in order to benefit all.

I invite you to walk through the portal of Trance Mediumship toward positive transformation.

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Gurdeep is an experienced Trance Medium and Teacher. She uses breath and music to alter her state of consciousness so that a deep blend with Spirit / Shakti can occur. In this deep Trance Mediumistic connection, Gurdeep brings forward intensified healing energy, direct from Spirit. Trance Healing can work on different aspects and layers of the Being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Spirit / Shakti works with Gurdeep creating ancient Indian Yogic Mudras (hand gestures) to focus and direct the healing energy.  Spirit uses Gurdeep’s voice to share wisdom, philosophy, inspiration and guidance. As a recipient of Trance Mediumship, you may experience a variety of things including: physical sensations in your body;  some feel heat, coolness, tingling or a feeling of electricity running through the body. You may feel the atmosphere in your space change: the air could become dense, cool or warm. You might feel heaviness in the body or feel a mild trance-like state. You might see colors, scenes or imagery. You may feel the presence of Spirit loved ones or Spirit guides. Healing activation always takes place, and upliftment as well as awakening can also occur. This is a truly unique experience which hi-lights the Infinite power of Spirit / Shakti and demonstrates the healing aspects of Mediumship.

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