The Synchronicity of Spirit Signs

intuition mediumship signs from spirit spirit Apr 09, 2023

In this incarnation, I am experiencing what it means to be a Psychic Medium, Trance Medium, a Yoga practitioner and teacher, an energy medicine practitioner, and rolling all these things up into a semantic label of sorts, a Modern Mystic. Raised in the Sikh tradition with Indian ancestry, living in the Western world, and choosing Spiritualism as an intrinsic part of my journey, it’s beautiful in its complexity.

Spirit / Shakti, permeates everything in existence, we are that essence.

I not only believe in signs and synchronicity but know that as we become more attuned to the Soul and the True Nature of Being, we become more open and conscious of the invisible threads that weave us together into a tapestry of Oneness.

Mediums are usually aware of ‘signs’, and if you’re a Medium I think you’ll agree that we never cease to be awed by the ways in which Spirit is constantly communicating with us.

Today was a great example; not having any particular plans today apart from attending my Church, The Swampscott Church of Spiritualism, and leading the guided Meditation today (a guided meditation is part of the service every week). I made some spontaneous plans to go for a walk with a couple of church friends, and later on, we met. We walked at my local cemetery in Marblehead, it’s a beautiful spot and I often walk there.

As we were walking and chatting, one of the friends mentioned that her Dad’s death anniversary was coming up on Tuesday, April 11th, and I took a double take, I said my Dad also passed on April 11th last year, 2022. She confirmed that her Dad had also passed in 2022… now I have never been for a walk with this particular friend, and had no idea that her Dad had passed. We were both amazed at the synchronicity of both of our Dad’s passing on the same day! We both declared that it must be a sign. 

One of the highlights of the walk was stopping at Salem Harbor to take in the water and the view of the boats; the other friend with me today and I have taken this walk numerous times, and we always acknowledge a particular grave of a woman called Ginny which is in that very spot.

As we sat on the wall and took in the scene we looked at Ginny’s headstone and noticed that its usual flowers and adornments left by her family members, were not there. However, the headstone next to hers, which we had never noticed before, a couple buried together, had a basket of Easter flowers… it dawned on me that there must be some kind of anniversary for there to be flowers on a grave site… and lo and behold… we all saw the date of the woman Patti’s passing … April 11th, the same date that mine and my friend’s father had passed! We had just talked about it! Then to add to the great mystery, I noticed that the date of the gentleman’s passing, November 25th, was my Dad’s birthday!!!

If you’ve experienced similar signs and synchronicity before, you’ll know how heartfelt and amazing it is to receive such validation from the Spirit World. Grieving the passing of a parent is usually hard and complicated, especially in the first year… but Spirit is always showing us the Truth, the truth that life continues beyond the change called death. Somehow, perhaps to ease our grieving process, Spirit responds to our need to heal by showing us that our loved ones are not ‘gone.’

I extend deep gratitude to Spirit / Shakti, for enabling me and all of us to feel your loving embrace in so many ways. I for one will always be in complete awe and humbled at the magnificence of Spirit. 

I'd love to hear your stories about signs that you've received from Spirit...share with us in the comments below.

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