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The Journey of Trance Mediumship Beginner Level

Explore mediumship through the lens of Trance- dispel the ego and let Shakti/Spirit move messages and healing through you.


When: Thursdays from 7 - 9 pm EST from April 4th, 2024 through June 20th, 2024

Where: Online via Zoom 



Imagine connecting and blending so deeply with your Soul-self, with Spirit and your Spirit guides that they communicate directly through you in various ways.

You’re in a meditative state of trance (a deep and trusting state of surrender) and able to channel messages directly from Spirit. You can share these messages with others and offer words of wisdom when Spirit is asked for guidance around a particular question.

The Trance Healing expression manifests through you to provide deep physical/emotional healing. The intelligence and power of Spirit works through the Medium as greater levels of Trust and Surrender are cultivated. 

This is Trance Mediumship. 

And as a certified medium and expert in Trance mediumship, I'm honored to teach you this modality. Trance Mediumship is a special type of mediumship that allows you to go deep within your psyche, releasing the ego completely so that you have a clear and super direct connection to Spirit and your Spirit team.

The mystical depths of Trance Mediumship unfold over time and build upon each other.

In this 13-week Trance Mediumship course, designed for people with some experience in Mediumship, Trance Mediumship, or any Energy Medicine practice, I will take you on a journey of deep discovery of the psychic self and learn how to get into a state of Trance to connect more clearly with Spirit and heal. We will start each week with conceptual discussion, and then practice to progress your evolution of Trance Mediumship in a balanced way.

Trance has many expressions because Spirit is the Ultimate Intelligent and Creative Force. You’ll learn how to tap into all the creative forces from Spirit including, Trance Speaking and Trance Healing which are just two of the many expressions that can arise. 

This class will give you a foundation from which you can explore the many Facets of Trance Mediumship, and start to discover which expression wishes to flow through you (there can be more than one). Without a doubt, Trance can be an empowering and transformative practice. As a Certified Psychic Medium and experienced Trance Medium and Healer, Gurdeep provides a safe and sacred container for your development. 

Course Outline:

  1. Oneness – The Soul and The Infinite: The foundational knowledge and understanding of being, mystical elements of Trance Mediumship. Trance Mediumship Practice. 
  2. Spiritual Practice – Breathwork and Subtle Body practices. Foundational practices enable us to enter various altered states of consciousness. Trance Mediumship Practice. 
  3. Altered States of Consciousness & Sitting in the Power - how to build your power and ability to sit in Trance. Trance Mediumship Practice. 
  4. Different types of Spirit Guide: How we perceive the energy of the One Consciousness to help us journey into Trance. Trance Mediumship Practice. 
  5. Trusting - Building the deeper levels of Trust that Trance Mediumship demands. Trance Mediumship Practice. 
  6. Surrendering - The more we are able to let go and surrender to Spirit the more definite our Trance experience becomes. Trance Mediumship Practice. 
  7. Blending - What does it mean to blend with Spirit? Trance Mediumship Practice. 
  8. Lifestyle - Tools, and tips to maintain your well-being, and to help you evolve and grow on the Spiritual Journey of Trance Mediumship. Trance Mediumship Practice. 
  9. Different Expressions of Trance Mediumship. The Creative Force has many expressions, learn about many forms of Trance expression. Trance Mediumship Practice. 
  10. Trance Healing: Focus on one of the most beneficial and beautiful expressions of Trance Mediumship. Trance Mediumship Practice. 
  11. Trance Speaking: Focus on the Spoken word in Trance Mediumship. Trance Mediumship Practice. 
  12. Group Trance Attunement: Gurdeep will enter into a deep Trance state with the intention of Spirit attuning the group. 
  13. Practice: This session is dedicated to practice in the larger group and in breakout rooms


The Journey of Trance Development requires commitment, patience, diligence, and regular practice. And so for this class, I’ll require you to show up live, as much as you can, in order to co-create the strongest and most supportive container for you to learn this psychic healing and communicating modality. 

You’ll leave the 13 weeks with a Foundation level certificate in hand and the ability to support yourself and others with Trance Mediumship aspects.  

I’m honored to be your guide for the 13 weeks together as you embark on one of the most profound psychic experiences that will allow for greater awareness and healing. 


All classes will be recorded and a replay sent the next day.