Rise of the Empress Retreat

Empower, Elevate, Evolve

May 20th, 2023
10 am - 4 pm


The Empress Archetype:  She is Isis…the Goddess and the Cosmic Mother… she is pregnant with ideas and desires. She nurtures herself and others, and enables wise and abundant growth. She is the very essence of Creativity and Divine Feminine power.

Honor the Empress within you and elevate into all that you desire for your journey. 

You are an Empress.

You were born to shine your bright light. 

The sovereign Queen that you are is meant to rise in all her glory, in all that she embodies in her Divine Feminine power. She is intended to be seen, acknowledged, and revered for who she is.

Dear one, you are invited to reconnect with and reinvigorate all of your senses, to align with the energy of your innate Empress in: “Rise of the Empress Retreat”- a one day women's retreat to empower, elevate, and evolve your spiritual self. 

Do you feel the call for sisterhood? 

To connect with other Empresses like yourself within a safe and sacred container, with trusted guides, uncovering the confidence to transform your life into that which you’ve always wanted? 

Join us as we collectively use the beautiful energy of the New Moon in the Sensual sign of Taurus, to connect with the Empress that resides within you, to begin to manifest all that your soul desires.

It is your birthright, dear one, to experience pleasure and
abundance in this life.

In this sacred container of sisterhood, you’ll connect with pleasure in all of its forms, savor the sensuality of food, connect with the earth energy of nature, connect deeply with your body, uncover and express your innate creativity and envision your dreams into being. 

This will be an opportunity for you to evolve into and express the highest vibration of your Inner Being, in the Outer World.

You’ll connect to the Archetype of the Empress through creative and artistic exercises opening up your pathway to more creativity, growth, and abundance.

Empower yourself as The Empress of your world, steep yourself in generosity, and nurture your inner and outer Being. Elevate your dreams of success, and evolve your power of manifestation.

This retreat is for the woman who knows her Divine worthiness,

who is ready to claim her Divine Feminine Power

and open up to all that life has to support you with.

You’ll be guided throughout the day to experience the energy of embodying the Empress that you are, in guided group meditation, art, journaling, mudra and mantra practice, yoga, grounding practices, and so much more. Plus we have a very special group flower ritual that culminates at the end of our day. 

Join us for the “Rise of the Empress Retreat” on May 20th as we convene on the beautiful property of Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury, MA, among the orchards and flowers, with live music and the magnificence of Mother Nature abound to entertain us. 

This is your time to ignite the fire of the Empress within your soul. 


Your transformative experience includes: 

  • Connection with community and like minded women
  • Ceremonial group work using tools from nature and powerful Spiritual technology
  • An exclusive original artwork journal which is yours to keep 
  • Guided Yoga Asana classes 
  • Guided healing meditation
  • Guided Intuitive Art practice 
  • Shakti Mudra and Mantra Practice to open up the Divine power within
  • Guided Intuitive Poetry practice 
  • Grounding into the energy of the Earth element 
  • A carefully curated goodie bag, to continue to cultivate your connection with your Empress self at home
  • Elegant Farm to Table luncheon   
Yes, my Soul needs this retreat!

Meet your Empress guides 

Gurdeep Bhogal

Gurdeep Bhogal is a Certified Psychic Medium, Trance Medium, Mediumship Development Teacher, Shakti Embodiment Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, and Yoga Teacher. Gurdeep serves on the Pastoral Team at The Swampscott Church of Spiritualism and working toward Ministry.

Born in Kenya, raised in England, and of Indian heritage, Gurdeep now lives and works in Massachusetts. Raised in a Sikh family with the tenet of service at the center of life, she was influenced greatly by the Eastern philosophy and Religions of her Indian ancestry.

Fascinated by the eternal questions about the true nature of existence, Gurdeep embarked on a seeking path of deep inquiry into Yoga, Meditation, Energy Medicine, Mediumship, and the afterlife.
Gurdeep has spent many years unfolding profound Spiritual abilities and skills including Psychic & Trance Mediumship, Reiki & Healing, and Yoga (a certified Yoga Teacher with specialisms in the Subtle Body & Restorative Yoga).

Gurdeep has a deep knowledge of and is an experienced practitioner of the mystical aspects of Yoga including Mantra and subtle body practices. Gurdeep’s relationship with Shakti (The Goddess vibration) permeates all of her work.

As a respected teacher, it is Gurdeep’s passion to help others to become empowered though awakening their innate abilities and intuitive skills. She describes herself as an eternal student of the Soul, bringing a healing Intention to all of her offerings.

Gurdeep is dedicated to serving, by facilitating every individual’s personal healing journey and evolution. She teaches group classes and offers private one-to-one sessions internationally via Zoom, and in-person at Parinama, Transformative Healing Arts in Marblehead, MA. 


Photograph by Larisa Forman.

Angela Maione

Angela Maione is an Intuitive artist, spiritual warrior, Reiki Practitioner, and free spirit. She began her yogic journey in 2005 exploring holistic options to calm her anxiety and deepen her mind/body connection. Angela's yoga path unfolded in various ways soley practicing Hatha yoga for the first 5 years. The mind/body connection became her way to calm her mind and physically feel amazing.

In 2021, life shifted and so did her yoga practice. Restorative yoga and alignment based Iyengar became her preferred practice. 200-hour Dharma Coach Yoga Teacher who studied with Kathryn Whitney, RYT Certified. Received Reiki Mastery in 2018. Currently enrolled in Sagel Urlachers online Yoga Nidra class. 

Through creative expression, journeying through the self and learning how to fully embody who she is, her desire to help empower and enrich the lives of others grew. She believes yoga and intuitive painting invites us through practice to transform and evolve and find a deeper connection to ourselves. 


Photograph by Erin Church.

“The word, the triad, plentitude, fecundity, Nature, generation in the three worlds. Symbol, THE EMPRESS, a woman, winged, crowned, seated and uplifting a scepter with the orb of the world at its end: her sign is an eagle, image of the Soul and of life. She is the mystical quintessence of the triad; she is spirituality, immortality, The Queen of Heaven.” - Eliphas Levi from ‘The Doctrine and Ritual of Transcendental Magic (1854)

We'll connect at the beautiful Cider Hill Orchard and help you transform into the Empress you were born to be.

Empress, this day of respite and rejuvination is for you. 

You’ll come out of this transformative day feeling the high vibration manifested in the group rituals and practices.

You’ll cultivate openness and belief in all of the possibilities that await in your onward journey.

You'll embody greater confidence in yourself as a Divine Being and take away practical tools to apply to your everyday world.

No doubt you'll feel the immense support that you have, to guide you every step of the way, in the seen and unseen worlds. 

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