Trance Mediumship

Blend with the Spirit world through the vibration of Trance Mediumship


Trance Mediumship is a deep form of Mediumship where the Medium moves into varying degrees of Trance states, and brain wave activity, if we measured it, would most likely be somewhere in the range of Theta and Delta.

Trance in all of its varying degrees, has been used by humans for millennia by indigenous Shaman, healers, seers, priestesses, and in more recent history by Spiritualist Mediums to fulfill valid personal and societal needs. 

The varying degrees of trance states can help a trained and practiced Medium, over time, to become more attuned to their own soul / spirit essence and also, to begin to recognize / blend deeper with / commune with the many forms of Infinite Spirit: these might be Spirit beings who work with us to guide us and to assist us in our spiritual unfoldment, specific Spirit personalities or on occasion, Spirit loved ones. The Medium can then bring forward / channel energy and information from different parts of the full field of all being and awareness which is not readily accessible in the normal waking state.

In my personal Trance Practice, the Spirit (experienced mainly as Deity vibration) brings forth intensified healing and re-balancing energy, helping recipients to activate their own body’s ability to heal itself and opening up any blocks in the subtle body. Each Trance Medium has a unique expression and there are many ways in which this beautiful practice manifests itself. 

The Spirit can bring forth through the Medium, knowledge and wisdom which answers the deeper philosophical questions about life and consciousness, as well as personal questions we might have about our spiritual unfoldment. There is undoubtedly an opening of the flow of the natural creative energy of Spirit also… Shakti is the dynamic force of creation and all sorts of creative expression can occur within Trance Mediumship including but not limited to writing and Spirit art.

Trance Mediumship is a unique experience for the recipient and undoubtedly has a powerful healing effect, as well as the effect of opening up our awareness to the true nature of Being. I am grateful for the beauty of this modality, from both the perspective of the Medium, and as a recipient… The ineffable nature of the Infinite Being is touched and felt in a deeply transformative way. 

I can't wait to show you how to access these conscious levels of your connection with Spirit, explore the classes below and please reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions, we'd love to hear from you! 

Trance Mediumship Classes 

Develop your connection with Spirit through the vibration of Trance.
All levels taught and prerequite of foundational mediumship.   

The Journey of Trance Mediumship

Foundation Level Trance Mediumship development. A 13-week class to learn the most powerful pathway to blend with Spirit and express the power of the Creative Force of Being; Shakti.

We start 4/4/24!

Save my Seat

The Journey of Trance Mediumship Intermediate Level

A 12-week course for Intermediate level Seers of Trance and those that have completed ‘The Journey of Trance Mediumship’ to strengthen their practice. 

We start 9/5/24!

Save my Seat


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