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We offer sacred support to expand your understanding and practical application of Mediumship and Yogic practices.

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The Goddess Shakti Pathway


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The Goddess Shakti Pathway 

Journey through all of our Shakti embodied classes to support you in awakening the Goddess/Shakti within your Soul and become a Yogic Medium Practitioner.

Our next sacred container for this pathway begins Monday, October 10th and enrollment closes on October 9th. Have questions? Click here to email us!

The Goddess Shakti Pathway

This Goddess Shakti Pathway is a full journey through all 13 of our classes that will help to expand your mediumship gifts and become an empowered Soul-led Yogic Medium and practitioner. It includes:

  • Right Intention & Right Living
  • Atma- Sacred Soul Practice 
  • Yantra– Sacred Geometry Practice 
  • Chakra – Sacred Subtle Body Practice
  • Mudra – Sacred Yogic Seal Practice
  • Puja – Sacred Altar Practice
  • Mantra – Sacred Sonic Practice
  • Asana– Shakti Mudra Flow Movement Practice
  • Becoming a Seer Beginner Level
  • Becoming a Seer Intermediate Level 
  • Progressive Seership Advanced Level
  • The Journey of Trance Mediumship 
  • Progressive Trance Mediumship
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Mini Pathways

These mini pathways are designed for you to explore in live cohorts or each mini pathway can be taken at your leisure.

Atma Shakti Mini Pathway

This two-class mini-pathway creates a Soul-led foundation for Shakti-empowered living and a Mystical foundation for Mediumship. It includes:

  • Atma- The Soul Practice- begins 10/10/22
  • Yantra- The Sacred Geometry Practice - begins 10/27/22 
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Chakra Shakti Mini Pathway

This three-class mini-pathway teaches aspiring Intuitive & Medium, and Yoga practitioners about the various elements of the subtle body. It includes:

  • Chakra- Sacred Subtle Body Practice- begins 11/3/22
  • Mudra- Sacred Yogic Seal Practice - begins 11/10/22
  • Asana- Shakti Mudra Flow Movement Practice - begins 10/13/22


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Puja Shakti Mini Pathway

This two-class mini-pathway builds a devotional practice that creates a connection with Shakti, and activates the Inner Mystic, cultivating discipline and Sonic awareness. It includes:

  • Puja- Sacred Altar Practice - begins 11/17/21
  • Mantra- Sonic Practice - begins 11/21/22
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Individual Classes

Personalize your own pathway and take each class as you need them throughout your Yogic Pathway to Mediumship journey.

Atma - Sacred Soul Practice 

The Sacred Soul Practice is all about connecting with the Soul in a non-conceptual way using Tantric-based meditation techniques. In this workshop, we explore and grow our relationship with our essence (the Soul) enabling a deeper understanding of Being.

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Yantra – Sacred Geometry Practice

The Sacred Geometry Practice teaches us about the Sacred Geometrical forms of the Deities and how to mediate with them. In this workshop, we will unpack, at a foundational level, the structure of Yantra. 

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Chakra - Sacred Subtle Body Practice 

The Sacred Subtle Body Practice, helps us to understand and grow awareness of the subtle body from an authentic Yogic Lens. This workshop teaches us about the importance of the elements which make up the material Universe.

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Mudra - Sacred Yogic Seal Practice

Sacred Yogic Seal Practice, Reveals the magical medicine in your hands. Mudras are also known as Yogic ‘seals’, or hand gestures. In this workshop we explore how the energy of the 5 elements, Fire, Air, Ether, Earth and Water connects through the fingers to the subtle body to achieve well-being.

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Puja – Sacred Altar Practice

This sacred altar practice gives us permission to tear away from the sterility of patriarchal living, and to connect with the beauty of Shakti. In this workshop, we will be exploring how to honor the Divine in everything. Create your own Altar and learn a simple yet effective regular devotional practice.

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Mantra – Sacred Sonic Practice

The Sacred Sonic Practice gifts us the power of invoking the Divinity within using Mantra / Sonic vibration. When practiced with diligence and reverence, Mantra opens us up to the living energy which is Shakti / Spirit. In this workshop, we will learn how to connect with the heart center, and practice specific Mantras to invite, invoke and recognize Divinity within.

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Asana Shakti Mudra Flow 

Asana Shakti Mudra Flow Movement Practice was born out of the spontaneous movements and Mudras which began to manifest on my mat in my personal practice.

This workshop helps us to increase somatic awareness, strength, and well-being of the physical layer of the Being and from an Intuitive & Mediumistic perspective, this practice helps to strengthen and honor your Mediumistic Tool – the body. Increasing somatic awareness helps to enhance clairsentience and claircognizance.

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Mediumship Development Courses

Becoming a Seer Beginner Level 

A 7-week foundational level for Intuitive and Psychic Mediumship Development. This is a sacred container to support you in expanding into your innate spiritual gifts in a safe environment. 

There are TWO dates for this class. One is designed for the U.K. time zone and the other for the U.S. time zone, choose the best for you!

  • Monday, October 10th - Monday, November 28th from 2 - 3:30 pm EST (7-8:30 pm U.K. time)
  • Wednesday, October 12th - November 23rd from 7-8:30 pm EST (U.S. time)
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Becoming a Seer Intermediate Level 

A 7- week course that extends deeper into developing Intuitive tools learned and explored in Becoming a Seer Beginner Level.

We start Wednesday, January 18th, 2023 - March 8th, 2023 from 7-8:30 pm EST

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Becoming a Seer- Progressive Development

An 8-week course to explore advanced progressive Mediumship, Psychic, and Intuitive development. 

We start Monday, March 13th, 2023 - May 1st, 2023

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The Journey of Trance Mediumship

Foundation Level Trance Mediumship development. A 13-week class to learn the most powerful pathway to blend with Spirit and express the power of the Creative Force of Being; Shakti.

We start  Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 - Wednesday, July 26th, 2023

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Progressive Trance Development

A 12-week course for Intermediate to Advanced level and those that have completed  ‘The Journey of Trance Mediumship’ to strengthen their practice. 

We start Monday, September 4th,  2023 - Monday, November 20th, 2023

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