Connecting with Spirit/Shakti in Community at Camp Etna

camp etna mediumship modern spiritualism psychic shakti yogic wisdom Jul 19, 2023

Namaste from Etna Maine!

As I’m writing this, it’s my final day here at the beautiful Spiritualist Camp Etna. I’m sad to be leaving
after a really wonderful week of teaching and retreating. Camp Etna was started around 135 years ago,
in the heyday of Spiritualism in North America. In those times, thousands of people used to visit the
camp in the summer, to gather in community and to enjoy discourse on Spiritualism and Mediumship.

This year I was invited to teach classes and workshops, and also serve as the Medium and Lecturer. It’s
been a truly magical week where Spirit / Shakti has been so present helping me to be a channel for
Spiritual wisdom and healing, as well as teaching me what I need to learn on my personal Spiritual
developmental journey.

One of the greatest things I have realized lately, is how increasingly present Shakti / Spirit is becoming,
the more I allow myself to surrender to the flow of Spirit/ Shakti.

When we engage in Spiritual practice,with a basis in right intention, Infinite Intelligence opens her arms to us and embraces us with insight. 

She shows us what is beneficial to our growth and well-being, and guides us toward ever more openness, compassion, and love.

This week has been incredibly special on so many levels! One of my greatest passions is teaching, and I have been sharing my knowledge of Yogic Wisdom and practice. We have been looking at the
intersection of Ancient Yogic Wisdom, and Modern Spiritualism & Mediumship. The community here as well as visitors from afar have been so welcoming and open! The students in my classes have been engaged and present, soaking it all up.

Camp Etna - Etna, Maine.

As the resident Medium for the week, I have enjoyed being able to integrate some of the recent
Mediumship practice teachings I have learned recently on retreat with Andy Byng in Ontario Canada as
well as some teachings from the Pastor of The Swampscott Church of Spiritualism, my dear friend, Jason

It’s so fascinating how Spirit has been teaching and guiding me directly during all of the events this week! Some deep and important lessons learned through direct experience, ones which will last forever.

Some of the lessons have been learned through challenging moments, which are sometimes the most effective teacher… it’s so important to remain humble and open to what is being shown.

During my talk on Trance Mediumship and Shakti Trance Gathering at Camp Etna, some incredible physical and emotional healing took place for the participants, and I’m so very grateful to Shakti for this incredible modality which is unlike anything else!

Being with friends old and new and enjoying the beauty of nature has been so nourishing. We have
practiced Yoga every single morning, out on the green and on the lovely new dock on the most beautiful and peaceful pond, surrounded by woods replete with mystical Silver Birch trees. Our soundtrack has been the sounds of nature … Goldfinches (my Spirit animal) in abundance, and many other beautiful birds such as Cardinals, Sparrowhawks, and Titmouses. Dragon Flies and Damsel flies, as well as turtles, Loons, and fish were abundant.

The peace and astonishing beauty of nature expressing the Infinite Spirit as we moved
our bodies, grounded, expressed gratitude to the Earth and chanted Mantras. Long walks and soaking up the sunshine have been part of the rituals, and we were lucky enough to spot and commune with a beautiful deer.

In one word this place is HEAVENLY.

Lavender Farm, Etna, Maine.

The nearby lavender field is also a magical spot which should not be missed! It’s like being transported into a fragrant fairytale oasis, full of colorful flowers. Time slows down, as you hear the sound of bees buzzing and birds singing. Butterflies flit about drinking from the nectar all around us. Your shoulders automatically soften as you meander through the field, and your heart beats slower… nature’s medicine lulls you into healing relaxation.

We received potent medicine on our final morning Yoga practice by the pond. As we came out of
Savasana, there near our shoes was a water snake! She looked pretty peaceful like she was resting.

Snake medicine teaches us that we are in a moment of profound transformation, that we have done the work of healing and growing, we have faced our pain and reached a place of deep acceptance.

Potent snake medicine gracing us after Savasana.

We are allowing our vulnerability to be seen in our new skin and can share the wisdom of our journey with
others for the benefit of all Beings. This message is spot on of course, because Spirit speaks to us on so
many levels and in varying expressions; when we are open and connected to our own Spirit, we are able
to easily receive the wisdom Spirit shares with us.

I am grateful for having had this time away and look forward to visiting and hopefully teaching here
again next year. Join me, you will not regret it!

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OM ॐ


Gurdeep Bhogal, Camp Etna July 2023.

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